Stanford Art Spaces

July 6, 2012 to September 6, 2012, Stanford Art Spaces features this exhibit:

Ben Alexy
Valerie P. Cohen
Watercolor, Ink & Mixed Media
Kyungsoo Lee

Study: Salvation for the Modern World © 2012 Ben Alexy

Topo2: Map of the Great Basin © 2012 Valerie P. Cohen

Water Lilies © 2012 Kyungsoo Lee

This exhibit is on the Stanford University campus, mainly in the Paul G. Allen building (C.I.S.) but also continues in the David Packard building and in Jordan Hall’s Psychology office. Buildings are open 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A directory is available at the CIS reception desk.

Most works are for sale directly from the artists.
For information: contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or - or contact DeWitt Cheng, Associate Curator, at

Ben Alexy
Joy of Life © 2012

Initially attending San Jose State for photography, Ben Alexy quickly became frustrated with the process and physical character of the medium. It was this dissatisfaction that steered him toward painting. In painting, he found a voice and a strong sense of purpose and direction. His early photographic training continues to inform his work in terms of both composition and the implication of time inherent in stop motion. Ben Alexy remains an active exhibiting artist in California.

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Valerie P. Cohen
Great Basin Landscape #2 © 2012

Valerie P. Cohen has spent much of her life in the mountains above timberline, among relic forests, and within America's western deserts. As a painter, she abstracts these landscapes and their life to elemental forms. Her cartographic pieces the Topo Map Series dream a geographical information system that layers topography, biogeography, and the cultural shapes of the Great Basin. Cohen is a Signature Member of the California Watercolor Association and of the San Diego Watercolor Society.

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Kyungsoo Lee
One More Dance © 2012

“Every day I am startled to learn something new about plants, flowers, and animals that I encounter. I am inspired to transmit the peace, tranquility, and optimism of the natural world to those who observe my paintings. Although I take my inspiration from nature, I have no interest in making pictures of real things, but wish to distill the essence and the emotional content of the thing.”

Kyungsoo Lee has been painting since she was a very small child. She has always gotten great pleasure from colors, line, and forms as they grow on my canvas. She prefers big canvases, when the painting gestures become a sort of dance and musical composition. When people enjoy her paintings, she feels that they are entering the paintings and touching her personally.

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Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or
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