Stanford Art Spaces
December 9, 2011 to February 2, 2012, Stanford Art Spaces features this exhibit:

Kathryn Dunlevie
Mixed Media
Brian Huber
Leo Posillico

Liliputians © 2011 Kathryn Dunlevie

No Room Between the Lines © 2011 Brian Huber

Personal View © 2011 Leo Posillico

This exhibit is located on the Stanford University campus, primarily in the Paul G. Allen building (C.I.S.). The building is open 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A directory is available at the reception desk.

Most works are for sale directly from the artists.
For information: contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or - or contact DeWitt Cheng, Associate Curator, at

Kathryn Dunlevie
Roma Mobile © 2011

Kathryn Dunlevie has always been intrigued by apparent inconsistencies in time and space, and by each individual’s unique and shifting sense of reality. In recent years her work has been inspired by ideas from contemporary physics. “I have fractured and reassembled individual photographs to symbolize the building blocks of matter and to suggest the intrusion of alternate worlds. In my mixed media works, everyday images have been transformed into compositions that hint at invisible, underlying structures and imperceptible extra dimensions.”

Dunlevie has exhibited internationally and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been a two-time recipient of Arts Council Silicon Valley’s Visual Artists Fellowship in Photography. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, Camerawork, ArtLies, and Artweek, as well as internationally in La Fotografia Actual, Art of England magazine, Profifoto and on

For more art by Kathryn Dunlevie, click here.

Brian Huber
Net Loss © 2011

Gulf Stream © 2011

Brian Huber was raised in New Orleans in a house full of art and artists. After studying Art and Architecture at the University of Louisiana, he spent numerous years designing and orchestrating events for major television studios and corporations.

Brian’ work is based on the abstraction of landscapes, architectural elements and the impact of man on the natural world. The rhythmic motion found in most of his work springs from the blues and jazz music of his youth. His recent “Water Rising” and “New Orleans Rising” series are based on the rebirth of his hometown New Orleans after Katrina. The “Barrier” series is inspired by the oil disasters created by man, false barriers between nature and man, and the recovery energy that resides deep in the swamps, gulf and wetlands. The current series “Follow the Line” explores the many lines imagined, created, fabricated, and conjured, as well as what lives on both sides those lines.

For more art by Brian Huber, click here.

Leo Posillico
It's an Upscale Neighborhood © 2011 Leo Posillico

I Have Just the Spot For It © 2011 Leo Posillico

Leo Posillico has worked as an Art Director, Illustrator and Designer for corporate and private companies. He was a member of the Los Angeles Art Directors Club for many years and was awarded three Awards of Merit and National Achievement in Design and Illustration. He has been honored with national and international representation. His art can be seen in the America Art Collector books and several magazine articles.

While talking on the phone and doodling, he created the figure that has become the signature character in his paintings. Influenced by the graceful sculpture of Giacometti, his figures are virtually all elongated, raceless, genderless, and usually composed in groups. By simplifying shapes with quick precise brush strokes to animate the basic human emotions in all of us, these expressive figures achieve their movement. During his first year at the School of Visual Arts, one of his painting instructors infused in the students the simplicity of negative and positive space and the essence of pure design in what makes a painting work. His current paintings are acrylic on canvas with multiple layers of glazing to create the depth and movement that he hopes makes his characters and the environment that they live in come alive.

For more art by Leo Posillico, click here.

Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or
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