Stanford Art Spaces
March 25, 2011 to May 19, 2011, Stanford Art Spaces features this exhibit:

Rajiv Khilnani
Paintings & Mixed Media
Yvonne Porcella
Stella Zhang
Mixed Media

Balancing Act © 2011 Rajiv Khilnani

Mighty Big Numbers 75 © 2011 Yvonne Porcella

006 © 2011 Stella Zhang

This exhibit is located on the Stanford University campus, primarily in the Paul G. Allen building (C.I.S.). The building is open 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A directory is available at the reception desk.

Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or

Rajiv Khilnani
Blue Balance I © 2011 Rajiv Khilnani

Painting has been Rajiv Khilnani’s passion for almost 18 years. “Since the day I took my first art class, I have always been drawn to paintings that have color and texture in them.” His more recent work has been predominantly mixed media abstract compositions on paper and canvas, with color, texture, and vibrancy as inherent components.

Khilnani has exhibited in galleries in the United States and abroad, including the themes of “Floral Compositions”, “Domes & Designs” and “Line and Texture”. He has done special projects for corporate and non-corporate clients. His work recently won two awards: Award of Excellence in the Mixed Media category from the Triton Museum, Santa Clara and Best in Show from Gallery 2611 in Redwood City.

For more art by Rajiv Khilnani, click here.

Yvonne Porcella
Dick & Jane © 2011 Yvonne Porcella

Yvonne Porcella’s art quilts are known for their bold originality as articulated through her collage aesthetic and strip quilting. Porcella has long been a driving force in the studio quilt movement not only as a prolific artist, but also as a teacher and author. She can be credited with popularizing and expanding the role of quilts in contemporary art, in part through the founding of the Studio Art Quilt Associates in 1989. Her work is in the collections of numerous public and private institutions, including the Museum of Art and Design in New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles.

Quilts selected for the Stanford Art Spaces cover the spectrum of her work, starting with the 1980s where the focus was to use prints and colors found in contemporary fabrics. Hand applique designs were added to energize the static of pieced fabrics in the 1990s. Abstraction of personal experience using new materials became the recent emphasis, allowing for a more painterly approach to spontaneous design.

For more art by Yvonne Porcella, click here.

Stella Zhang
001 © 2011 Stella Zhang

Creating art is Stella Zhang’s way of interpreting various emotions and spiritual thoughts in order to show the true face of human nature. “We are consistently being challenged by feelings of confusion and lucidity, loss and hope. The place between an actual experience and a dream could also make one feel lost as we often struggle and seek out a space in which to escape and find balance. I hope my artworks interact with the viewers for an initiation to care more about the place where we reside in with greater compassion.”

Zhang chooses raw and ordinary materials to create familiarity and closeness, to stir emotion and to provide a simple way to give the effects of flatness, delicacy, and quiet. “These choices enable me to engage in personal reflection bordering on meditation. I work extemporaneously, disregarding rules and boundaries in an attempt to channel my intimate needs of expression.”

For more art by Stella Zhang, click here.

Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or
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