Stanford Art Spaces
May 19, 2006 to July 13, 2006, Stanford Art Spaces features this exhibit:

Kelvin Curry
Soft Pastels
Daniel Gautier
Midori McCabe
Mixed Media
Olga Tsareva
Paintings & Pencil Drawings

All Around Love

Prometheus II

Gossamer X

The Shore

This exhibit is located on the Stanford University campus, primarily in the Center for Integrated Systems (CIS). The building is open 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. A directory is available at the CIS reception desk.

Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or

Kelvin Curry
First Kiss © 2006

I have followed an irresistible desire to represent profound tenderness. What interest me most is neither still life nor landscapes, but the human figure. It is through it that I best succeed in expressing the spiritual feeling that I have towards life. My treatment of a woman for example, is endowed with grace and charm, yet I know that something more is necessary. The essential lines are drawn to condense meaning. My choice of colors is based on observation, on feeling, on the very nature of the experience. Wider meaning, a more comprehensively human meaning, will simultaneously enrich this image. This complete creation I consider a work of art.

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Daniel Gautier
Birth of the Dyad © 2006

My most recent series of painting I term the Ideograms. In these paintings I translate various philosophical, psychological, and metaphysical concepts into visual form. In some cases I am reinterpreting traditional iconographic themes, those repeating images found throughout Western art history. In other cases I am depicting archetypes which are common to all human experience. Whether considering cultural archetypes, metaphysical systems, or mystical symbols, my intention is the same: to interpret the quintessential energy and feeling behind the symbolic form. My creative efforts parallel those Symbolist, Surrealist, and Abstract Expressionist artists who have attempted to express the mysterious, the mystical, and the infinite through finite means.

For more art by Daniel Gautier, click here.

Midori McCabe
Blue Move © 2006

If we think of a blank canvas as an empty theatre, each painting is a play, and each shape is a character. Midori aims to put a spot light on all her inspirations – dreams, music, movies, books, and sometimes from her own creative stories. As a child, she took private art lessons from a Japanese contemporary artist as well as piano, singing, and solfege lessons. Both art and music are very well coordinated as part of her life. She sees images in music and hears music in art. She works very intuitively combining the color, texture, and form into a fluid whole until she can hear the melody.

Midori was born in Japan, lived in Tokyo, London and now the U.S.A. Her paintings are collected by many private collectors in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.A.

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Olga Tsareva
The Bridge © 2006

I would characterize my art as a search for reflection of the actual world with real people and feelings.

The ideas for my work are created as a result of observing the surrounding reality. Also, I am excited about interpreting myths, legend, and religious motives that have inspired generations of artists. Sometimes it seems interesting to me to transform certain well-known objects in new habitats, to give new meanings to them. I think that the idea of any piece of art is to cause the succession of the viewer’s thoughts, associations, and fantasies. The words of Greek thinker Protagoras, “The human being is the measure of all things” would better represent my own understanding of purpose for any creation.

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Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or
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