Stanford Art Spaces
September 29, 2000 to November 16, 2000, Stanford Art Spaces features an exhibit by two brothers:

Michael S. Moore
Wm. Kirk Moore

Scossa Not Nova © 2000

Still Dreaming © 2000

Gion Girls © 2000

This exhibit is located on the Stanford University campus in four buildings: the Allen Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), Gates Computer Science, Terman Engineering Center, and Humanities and Sciences.     Reception 3pm-5pm on Friday, September 29 at CIS

Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or
Michael S. Moore

RR 6-89 © 2000

FireByWater © 2000
“We don’t know what’s out there - what it wants. Doubled trains, floating islands, simple horizontals bent and multiplied by mirage... That black dot’s ... the shaky cipher of a 93" GMC floating free of approaching dust, shimmering hovering towards us at incalculable speed. I took a photo after all... but also tried to embed the dirt and heat and the dread, hallucinatory silences into the dumb flat object of the canvas. I’m fairly certain that’s not what it’s looking for, but perhaps in the confusion we’ll slip by.” [From the color catalogue Air and Dirt, Wall Spring Press, 1999; (essay by Paul Karlstrom, commentary by Tessa Rumsey.)]

“I spend a lot of time on the desert, the monochrome seeming sagebrush ocean of the northern basin navigating playas in pickups, scrambling around in rocky canyons, staring at rabbits, birds, and bugs. Silence or wind; the occasional truck on the county road. My paintings were always about this country even before I came into it over thirty years ago. It’s nice over here; the light is hard and brilliant, and there’s more weather than a person might reasonably expect. I try to make work about that, about the coalescence of the image and its realization, and about the silence. Slow paintings, which bear watching.”

Michael Moore attended both Stanford University and Yale University. He has had many solo and group exhibitions.

Wm. Kirk Moore

Incense Coils © 2000
“Understanding requires perception. Photography enables me to perceive better. The camera frames the world so I can focus on things that elude the written word, stimulating a sense of beauty, mystery, art. I am drawn to graphic designs that bring order to nature and man-made objects. Juxtaposition (combining images in diptychs), adds another dimension or dialogue. I like to collage photographs into shapes or symbols, transforming the image into a texture/comment. Consider these images bits of capture time: windows for your imagination.”

Photography and travel have intrigued Mr. Moore since a trip to Egypt at age eleven with an instamatic camera. Always armed with chrome film, he has bicycled from Denver to Los Angeles, kayaked/rafted down the Grand Canyon, sailed around the world, spent a year traveling around South America in a VW bus, and trekked in the Himalaya three times. In 1977 he became a flight attendant and lived in London. From there he explored Europe, Iran, India, and Asia.

Most works are for sale directly from the artists. For information, contact M. Grossman, Curator, at (650) 725-3622 or
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